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                                                       Second Grade Class News


The children are bringing home a yam plant. Back in April, as part of our unit on plants, I cut several yams in half. The children inserted three toothpicks in the sides of them about one inch from the cut side. Each yam was placed cut side down in a clear cup filled with water with the toothpicks resting on the rim of the cup. The cut bottom of the potato was always in water. The cups were placed on the windowsills in the classroom. We have been watching them grow roots and leaves. Now, you  may place this plant in a large jar of water, changing the water about once a week. It should continue to grow. Another option which I have done for several summers is planting it in a window box and watering it throught the summer. A beautiful green leafy plant will grow. In the fall before the frost, dig up the roots and you will find yams. Be careful, the wild animals love to eat this plant. 


The children really enjoyed themselves on the Nature Walk in our "backyard" Woodland Habitat. Even though Hurricane Sandy had destroyed most of the trail in the woods, we were able to find many beautiful wild flowers, some interesting stones, bones and insects. Some children identified an area where deer slept. Deacon Frank brought along an old cake container and was collecting things too! At the end of the walk we sat under the trees and shared our treasures and released anything living.


We will be having a "Show and Tell Day" on Tuesday, June 11th. Everyone may bring in what they want and can carry unless you bring it in for them. Just remember, the children need to know that they must be responsible for their items. Pets are most welcome too.


This is the last homework page for the year.  It has been my pleasure to work with you and your children.  They have been a wonderful and so enthusiastic class. I will truly miss them. May you and your families have a safe, relaxing and fun summer!